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Big Brother 2010 – the jolly is over :-)

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

How I’ve waited for this moment. The moment where I know there will be no more Big Brother (BB).

Big B(r)other

Aptly, the year 2000 hosted the first ever UK BB. I don’t think anyone could have predicted the impact the series has had on British society in the last 10 years and the way we consume and approach fame/media. The fast dying world of magazine publishing was given a mid-life kick in the form of celeb gossip weeklies (Heat, Now, Closer, etc) which most of its crazy content derived from the show and its characters. Brain cell killing drivel like Chantelle and I forget his name’s love affair/marriage/sham I don’t know what to call it, but I do know it was all wrong, was the exact fodder they loved and ‘we’ consumed with glee.

Chantelle and her BB Beau and the celeb mags that fed off the drivel

BB has been a good tool in highlighting current social attitudes on a number of issues, particularly race. A high number of complaints has been lodged by the browner parts of UK society regarding misrepresentation and just downright ignorant racism displayed by the characters and then being allowed to air by Channel 4. Who could forget ‘Shilpagate’ which signalled the descent of the Big Brother generation’s finest princess; Jade Goody. I found the scenes from this series a firm confirmation of what I’ve always known; racism is not a preserve of those over 40! It’s alive and kicking in British society and young people do it too! Oh the joy in the things we have to look forward to?!

L-R, bottom: Jo O'Meara (of S Club 7 fame), Jade Goody, Danielle Lloyd and Shilpa Shetty

I turned off from BB a couple of years ago because I was really tired in seeing villains painted of people who were too naive to play the game for their long-term benefit. BB is primetime pantomime; but with this lacklustre production, there’s no audience shouting ‘behind you’ and there’s an audience of millions across the UK and the vying tabloids waiting for your blood to spill.

'It's behind you!' - BB is nothing short of televised panto and the housemates are the exaggerated, stereotypical characters

Housemates whose blood has spilt are pictured below, how naive they were and now we ask: ‘where are they now?’ I don’t actually care what the answer is to that one ;-)

BB housemates that went splat!

Well, I’m sure there will be more promotion of this crazed TV show (which at first I thought was a great social experiment) so I will keep my post short(ish). I will never forget the scene where Nasty Nick got found out by his housemates to be ‘playing the game’…what a classic TV moment, but it fast sank into a horrid reflection of what modern pop/celeb culture is…not pretty nor healthy.

Goodnight BB, I can’t say it’s been good but, it has been entertaining, in a car crash kind of way. I do but wonder, what type of fresh hell you have for us this year, I just hope it’s not the same predictable rubbish…

Going, going, gone…the sale of Harrods and other things Al Fayed

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

The iconic shop Harrods illuminated at sale time

After owning the most iconic retail experiences on earth for 25 years, Mohamed Al Fayed has sold Harrods for an estimated £1.5bn. Wowsers! I thought we were in the middle of a world economic recession? As I’ve always said; there are some of us that the recession never affects and the Qatari Royal Family are one. The Royals intend to go forth and expand on the very lucrative brand as well as open up the online offering of the shop. Territories like Asia and the Middle East are prime growth areas for the business (in fact for any business, let it be known, the West has very little growth left in it) which I’m sure they won’t overlook and take full advantage.

Al Fayed has been a bit of a love/hate figure for the British public (bar me. My feelings for him have usually remained constant; on the lines of like, for an old uncle who always gets your name wrong just to make you laugh and tickles your tummy everytime you see him). The tragic death of his son Dodi alongside Princess Di which followed with Al Fayed’s accusations that the British Royal Family had something to do with it, didn’t bode well with the establishment, British press or society. Resentful feelings were bandied about the press about this ‘foreign interloper’ dare criticise and make wild accusations about the beloved British Royal family. Little notice was paid by them to the other people echoing his ‘wild claims’, but Al Fayed was often the one shown to have the loudest voice. I’m sure at times he may have courted the attention, but as every good PR knows, the attention is not something you can turn on/off as you like…it’s a contant gaze, which some break under the unforgiving glare.

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Al Fayed & the Queen

His battle to get a British passport that was never won, despite the fact that he has generated countless jobs, business and wealth for Britain and the British, it’s altogether a bit worrying. Worrying in the sense that you can positively contribute to a country on a high level but, never truly be accepted, where’s the fairness in that?
Al Fayed’s reason for the sale was that he needed more time to be a grandfather. I don’t blame him. Just like Gordon Brown, the most important job in the world is what we can be for those we care about. It’s a shame modern life doesn’t celebrate this fact nor push you to live in that way but if someone’s in a better position to do so, it would be Al Fayed.

So I offer you a farewell and good health in your retirement, it’s been good old chum. :-)


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Medieval Black Briton found!

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

The earliest physical evidence of a black person living in Britain in medieval times has been uncovered in the form of a skeleton found in the ruins of a friary in Ipswich, Suffolk dating back to the 13th century.

This is being counted as the first solid indication that there were black people in Britain in the 1,000-year period between the departure of the Romans, who had African slaves and the beginnings of the age of discovery in the 15th century.

The skeleton predates the three black people previously known to have lived in Britain by 150 years who were identified from tax records.


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This Thursday (6th May) at 9pm; BBC2’s ‘History Cold Case’ programme will delve deeper and the experts have had the body carbon dated to 1190-1300. They have also been able to create a full facial reconstruction based on the skull size and shape of the skeleton.

Should be good viewing and maybe will highlight the ‘immigration debate’ that’s been bandied about our electioneering friends ;-) . Who really are the ‘immigrants’??

Creating a make.believe moment: Glam.Set.Match

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

My last hurrah for Sony Ericsson was a cute stunt I put together with help from Eden Cancan to celebrate the start of the 2010 Sony Ericsson Open, tennis tournament in Miami.

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I got Spice Girl, Mel B and UK pop sensation made good in the US; Jay Sean to play a game of tennis against two pros; Ana Ivanovic and Novak Djokovic. Kelly Kiloren-Bensimon from the hit TV series ‘The Real Housewives of NY’ was MC and local Miami funny man, Benji B was the Umpire or should we say American Football ref, LOL?! The stunt was aptly called; Glam.Set.Match. It was a fun filled couple of days. Mel and Jay were the nicest pair of celebs I’ve met and had the pleasure of hanging out with.

They also lit up my red carpet at the players party later this evening at Liv Nightclub in the wonderful Fontainebleu hotel. N.E.R.D. performed and a host of other celebrities were about to make proceedings go with a bang. We had a ball.

Last year, I put Andy Murray and Venus Williams on top of two SUVs and stopped traffice in the middle of Ocean Drive while they played tennis in a stunt I called: ‘Traffic Tennis’.

I sure do know how to party. ;-)


2010; the life defining decade

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

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So here it is, we’ve lived 10 years into the 00′s and the much hyped/dreaded ‘millennium bug’ did not lead us into armageddon as was once thought. 1999 clicked over to the year 2000 without so much of a blink of a technological melt down and 2009 will click over into 2010 with relative ease however, a significantly different mood. The world economic recession, the world’s first black president, the age of the celebrity; those lauded for being famous and not having any other discerning talent as well as the threat of climate change becoming ‘louder’ by the minute.

For me, 2010 will be the life defining one; the one where I make my dreams come true. Succesfully run and manage my own business, get married, have kids and truly love myself (warts and all style). I’m so excited. The angst of my 20s is a distant memory and my third decade of being on this wonderful earth of ours has given me a renewed, clearer focus which others who have turned 30 say they also get. I’ve got so much to achieve…it’s going to be tough at times, but my successes will be worth it.

Happy new year y’all! :-)

Life lesson 17 in being Pusha…

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Step out on faith when you get comfortable. The best creativty comes from a person when they’re uncomfortable.